“The hospice has become the bedrock for my family”

“It started with a pain in my leg. One day, my knee just went – it felt like it’d bent the wrong way. At hospital, I was told I had cancer of the breast and spine.

“When I was referred to the hospice, I was terrified”

I thought that if I went in I’d only come out in a wooden box. It wasn’t until they were wheeling my bed through the St Catherine’s Hospice corridors that I started to see things differently. I’ve always loved Disney; Disney films, Disney pyjamas, everything I can get. To cheer me up my family put a ‘princess in training’ sign on my front. We were going along the corridor and Rosie, one of St Catherine’s Housekeeping Assistants, saw me and my sign.

“Care was so unexpected”

“Hello your majesty” she said, curtsying and smiling. It was so unexpected, it made me stop. Rosie continued: “I’ll see you in the morning princess for your cereal and I’ll be there with my mop and bucket.”

“St Catherine’s makes things easier”

As well as managing my cancer, the hospice has become the bedrock for my family. It’s really difficult to tell someone you love that you’re going to die, but the fact that St Catherine’s is here for us makes it easier.When I die, this is where I want to be.”

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