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Whether it’s meditation or medication, we’ll be there in a way that’s meaningful to you. Find out how we can help you live the way you want. Find our more about St Catherine’s Hospice services.


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Coping with the emotional, physical, and spiritual impact of caring for someone can be incredibly hard. For carers help, advice and information, click here.

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“We’re there with our patients to hold their hands, to help take the fear out of dying and to dispel myths around the end of life. We can’t nurse their bodies back to health, but we can help soothe their souls.”

Working for a local hospice is truly special, as we care for people right at the end of their life and support their loved ones as they face bereavement. From nursing and clinical roles to working in Fundraising and Support Services, take a look at our vacancies and join our amazing, pioneering team.

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“I’ve been told I don’t have long, but I’m still relatively young and not sure I’m ready to go yet. I don’t want to have my disease but if I have to be looked after, this is the best place. Lovely things happen here, so while I’m sad about what’s happened to me, I’m not worried or frightened about being in the hospice when the time comes.”

Pam Bing

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Michelle's Story

“In a hospital you’re just a patient but in a hospice, you’re a person. The biggest impact my stay here at St Catherine’s has had is on my family: it’s brought us closer together at a time that is so challenging for every single one of us. I was in such a bad place with it all, and I couldn’t face up to what was happening to me. With the support both medically and emotionally from St Catherine’s, I’ve been able to address my illness and think about the future. It’s honestly saved us.”

Stan's Story

“Coming to Day Hospice is the highlight of my week. When you’re not strong, due to illness, and you’re living a restricted life, this place gives you something. It gives me something to look forward to, something to treasure. I forget about my illness, just for a while, which is a true blessing. It’s an angelic place, full of compassion, and every day that I come here I feel completely enveloped in love.  Nothing is too much trouble for the team here.”

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