Our expert teams specialise in different types of palliative care to make sure we can tailor our support to what you need most. Here is some information about the different staff you might meet.


Our Nursing Team can review your medication, offer advice on managing your symptoms, and discuss any concerns you have. They can often act as your point of contact with the hospice if you’re being cared for at home, and can help you access other services. However all of our teams talk with each other to make sure everyone at St Catherine’s understands what you need. Members of our Practical Care Team can also help with your personal care needs, for example washing and dressing.



Our team of Doctors all specialise in Palliative Medicine. Their experience and knowledge means they can help find the cause of your symptoms and are experts in using the right medication to help. They can also explain what might happen as an illness progresses and help plan future treatment. By working with other specialists they can refer you for treatment to help you, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy, and liaise with your hospital consultants and GP.



Your quality of life is the first priority of our occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and therapy technicians who are all specially trained in palliative care. They can help you stay independent by understanding how your illness affects you day-to-day and will come up with plans to help symptoms like fatigue, anxiety or breathlessness.

All of our physiotherapy and occupational therapy is specially designed for people who are living with a terminal illness and could be individual exercise, group classes or as simple as changing the order that you do things in a day.


Emotional, Spiritual and Welfare Support

Whether you are living with an illness or close to someone who is, you can ask to have confidential sessions with our counsellors or Spiritual Care Team by asking another member of the team or calling our switchboard. Our Welfare Advisor can also help you with applying for benefits and financial aid, which can be really important when you or someone you are close to has a terminal illness.

For more information on how our people provide care, please go to Our Services.

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