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Breathlessness and Relaxation Resources

Breathlessness is a common symptom for those living with a terminal illness. Whilst it can be stressful for patients and their loved ones or carers, there are some simple ways to manage breathlessness and reduce anxiety that in turn, will help regulate your breath.

The below resources are specifically aimed at people experiencing breathlessness.  If you need additional non-pharmacological (non-medicine based) support, the St Catherine’s Hospice therapy team can offer telephone consultations.  Please contact us on 01293 447307 and leave a message and a member of the team will be in touch.

Useful Downloads – click on the links below to read these helpful techniques

The Mindful Hand technique

A technique for quick release of tension

An action plan for breathlessness

There are also various leaflets that you can download from the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Respiratory Care website that include some simple breathing exercises.

In the below video, Matt from our Therapies team shows you some ways to manage breathlessness yourself at home.

Please note – in this video Matt talks about using a fan to help relieve breathlessness. You should NOT use a fan if you have a cough or any symptoms of a chest infection. It is particularly important NOT to use a fan if there are any concerns that you or anyone in the household has coronavirus (COVID-19).

Breathlessness Management Techniques with Matt


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