Top tips to maximise your fundraising income

There are plenty of ways you can make more of the money you raise for St Catherine’s Hospice:

Gift Aid

Did you know that if you are a UK taxpayer, your gift can be worth 25% more by completinga Gift Aid declaration? Ask us for details if you would like us to provide you with Gift Aid envelopes at your event.

Raffle & Games

Holding a raffle or a game such as ‘guess the weight of the cake’ at your event can help boost your fundraising total. In our experience people can rarely resist a raffle; see if you can source some complimentary prizes from friends, family or local businesses.

Match Funding

Have you asked your employer if they have a scheme to match fund employees’ charitable fundraising? It may well be worth asking your manager or HR department.

Collection Buckets/Pots

Ask us for one of our bright orange St Catherine’s collection buckets or pots for your event. You may find people drop their loose change in as an extra donation to you. Every penny counts and makes a huge difference.


Whether you’re looking for raffle prizes or trying to keep costs of your event down, ask us for a letter of authorisation that you are fundraising for St Catherine’s Hospice, so you can approach local supermarkets, suppliers or businesses for free or reduced cost items. You’ll be surprised at people’s generosity!

Just Giving

It’s always worth creating a Just Giving page for your event which you can share with people far and wide. Even if someone is unable to attend your event, they can donate to your page and it’s also an easy way to update everyone on your fundraising and thank them for their support.

If you need more help and guidance on how to make the most of your fundraising, get in touch with our team today: call us on 01293 447361 or email 

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