using social media in fundraising

A great way to promote your fundraising event is through your own social media channels. As soon as you’ve decided on the details of your event, post about it on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram account and tell all your friends, family and colleagues how they can support you. If you’re using social media to promote your event, be sure to tag St Catherine’s Hospice so that we can see what you’re up to as well! You can find us here:

Facebook: Search for St Catherine’s Hospice, Crawley
Twitter: @StCHospice
Instagram: @stcatherinescrawley
LinkedIn: Search for St Catherine’s Hospice, Crawley

Our top tips for using social media to promote your fundraising event

Tag St Catherine’s Hospice

Make sure you tag us in your posts and tweets so that we can like and share them!

Post regularly

Post about your fundraising event as many times as you like; the more the better!

Create a video

Video is the best way to engage people with your fundraising on social media. You don’t need fancy equipment: use your phone to create a short video of you talking about your event and asking people to support you. Be sure to get some video at the event too to share with your supporters afterwards!

Use pictures

If you don’t fancy creating a video, at least make sure you’re sharing photos on your social media. Posts with a picture get much more engagement than those without: take snaps of your training, setting up the event, of people at the event…anything that will give people an understanding of what you’re doing!

Post on local pages

There are lots of local community Facebook pages that you can post on to promote your event and encourage more people to come along. Simply search your local town or village and see what comes up. It’s a fantastic way to raise awareness.

Don’t forget to post about your event on the St Catherine’s Hospice social media pages! We’d love to hear more about your fundraising.

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