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Our current research projects

At St Catherine’s Hospice we work with academic and healthcare partners, as well as generating our own research. We encourage collaborations with external researchers, whether this be by St Catherine’s becoming a recruiting site or collaborating on a new idea.

Whilst we are caring for you, we may invite you to take part in a relevant study. Alternatively, if you would like to, please ask any member of the team about our current research projects and how to get involved.

We are currently supporting the research projects listed below. All the studies we participate in are ethically approved, ensuring they are run safely with the participants’ best interests.

Join Dementia Research

Dementia affects 850,000 people in the UK. The only way to beat the condition is through research. Join Dementia Research is a nationwide online and telephone service that makes it easier for people to register their interest in volunteering for dementia research studies. Anyone, with or without dementia, can register as a volunteer or sign-up for someone else, providing it is in their best interest.

Once you’ve registered, you can see which studies your information matches to, and can also express an interest in finding out more about studies, with no obligation. Current research studies range from clinical trials of new treatments to surveys identifying what works in improving the quality of life of people with dementia

Trajectories of Outcome in Neurological Conditions (TONiC)

TONiC is a national study examining the factors that influence quality of life in patients with neurological conditions. It is one of the largest studies on quality of life in neurological conditions ever performed in the UK.

We hope that TONiC will have a significant and positive impact on the lives of all patients that suffer from neurological diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis and Motor Neurone Disease, regardless of symptoms, stage of illness, age or social status.

If you would like to provide your opinion on quality of life with MS or MND you can get in touch with the TONiC team on tonic@thewaltoncentre.nhs.uk

MND Register

The MND Population Register for England, Wales and Northern Ireland aims to collect information about every person with MND in the UK. Having accurate, complete information about who has MND is important so that researchers can:

  • work out how the disease is changing over time
  • check if resources are concentrated in areas of greatest need
  • analyse geographical risk factors can be analysed at a country level
  • ensure information about disease progression becomes more accurate and applicable to all people with MND.

Your information will be stored securely on computers owned by King’s College London and Oxford University. Your personal information will be encrypted when it is entered on to the register and will only be viewed by people within the MND Register team and your care team.

Information will be gathered from a range of sources to ensure that we include everyone in the Register. You can be assured that the information you enter on this website will directly contribute to the MND Register research project.


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