Join our Day Hospice or Therapies team

Our Therapies team are on hand to offer support and care for our patients that need tailored physiotherapy and occupational therapy, both on our wards and at home. From helping those living with a terminal illness stay independent, and managing fatigue symptoms, to assisting with breathlessness and anxiety, our Therapies team are a vital team at St Catherine’s Hospice.

Our Day Hospice is also essential, running everything from meditation to art and music classes for our patients. Our Day Hospice programme is designed so that those who attend with a terminal illness can not only stay independent but manage their illness at the same time, and gives them a chance to meet other people in a similar situation.

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Sylvie's Story

“My own Dad died when he was just 51 and that had a big impact on me. I feel good that I’m able to give people really good care here, and to spend quality time with patients. The kind of care we give people is the kind of care I’d want for me or my own family.

The work grabs you and I love the people. I like caring for people when they’re ill and it’s during this time of their life that people need you more than any other time.

Once a patient told me that they get the best care from St Catherine’s. There’s not much higher praise and that makes me feel good. It reinforces me and my colleagues are doing a good job and reminds me why I’d never do anything else.”

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