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St Catherine’s door to door fundraising

As valued supporters we wanted to let you know that we’re currently running a new face to face fundraising campaign working alongside professional fundraisers BriteVox.   

We know it can sometimes make people nervous when someone knocks on the door but fundraisers from BriteVox are working in an official capacity for our hospice

They’re doing important work asking people in our community to consider a monthly donation of £5, £8.50 or £10 to initially help fund our new hospice at Pease Pottage.

Over the next month BriteVox will be knocking on doors across the following areas; BN6 8, BN6 9, RH1 1, RH1 2 RH1 3 , RH1 4, RH1 5, RH1 6, RH2 0, RH2 7, RH2 8, RH2 9, RH3 7, RH4 1, RH4 2, RH4 3, RH5 4, RH5 5, RH5 6, RH6 7, RH6 8, RH6 9, RH7 6, RH8 0, RH8 9, RH14 0, RH14 9, RH17 5, RH17 6,  RH17 7, RH19 1, RH19 2, RH19 3, RH19 4, CR3 0, CR3 5, CR3 6, CR3 7 postcode areas

The professional fundraisers will be wearing a hi-vis orange jacket with our St Catherine’s logo, a St Catherine’s lanyard, and have an ID from Britevox. They will also have a letter of authority that you can request to see if you wish.

This activity supports our fundraising strategy to help us build long term sustainable income, so we’re really excited to see how it performs over the coming months.

If one of our fundraisers knocks on your door, we’d love to hear your feedback (good or bad), so please do contact the fundraising team on or by calling 01293 447361.

And as always thank you for your support – it’s only because of you we can be here to provide care for terminally ill people in your community.

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