Fluttering Free

Artist: Cowfold Ladies

Sponsor: Stooks Cafe

The Cowfold Ladies are a group of five creative women all living in Cowfold, near Horsham.  To each of the ladies, art has a strong therapeutic value. Their design centres on the butterfly – commonly associated with endurance, change, hope and life. The butterflies’ fragility and vibrant colours represent beauty yet strength and resilience. This is reinforced further by the text that weaves around each of the butterflies and mirrors the trail we leave behind on our journey through life.

Fluttering Free is sponsored by Stooks cafe at Newbridge Nurseries, in memory of colleagues and loved ones whose initials are woven into some of the leaves in the design.

The Cowfold Ladies have utilised each of the members’ skills to create a design that amalgamates each of their creative talents; from intricate beadwork to creative writing.

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