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Thakeham – ‘Why we’re supporting the Heart to Heart trail for St Catherine’s Hospice.’

We’re delighted that Thakeham have agreed to be the headline sponsor of our brand new Heart to Heart trail in 2019. Thakeham have supported St Catherine’s Hospice for a number of years, and to date have raised more than £22,000 for the hospice.

Here’s a little more on why they choose to support us and what the project means to Thakeham:

Why did you choose to get involved with the Heart to Heart trail?

Our relationship with St Catherine’s is extremely important to Thakeham and we are thrilled to be able to continue our support of this fantastic charity in such a fun, inspiring campaign.

Why is it important for Thakeham to get involved with local community projects and initiatives?

It’s an ongoing ambition of Thakeham to enhance existing communities through housebuilding, as well as to create new, thriving communities within our developments. The Heart to Heart Trail is such a great opportunity to support our local area and we are excited to work so closely with such a meaningful, worthwhile charity that provides fantastic care to the people of Sussex and Surrey. Click here to read more about Thakeham’s work.


What are the benefits to Thakeham of taking part in Heart to Heart?

For Thakeham, the Heart to Heart campaign is a chance to outline our support in a more focused, local way. To join St Catherine’s in inspiring and promoting the incredible work the charity performs throughout our local area is stimulating and different for Thakeham. It’s such a great way of pulling the community, across both counties, together for a brilliant cause.

Why is supporting a local charity so important to Thakeham? 

For Thakeham, supporting local companies and charities is really important. Where possible, we buy materials locally and use local services and labour on our sites. We care about the relationships we build and who better to build them with than the local people of Sussex and Surrey?! 


What are you most looking forward to about being a part of Heart to Heart?

It’s been really exciting to see all the Heart designs taking part and it’s fantastic that we can support local artists too through such a brilliant, innovative campaign.

We can only care for 1 in 3 people currently that need us: how does that make you feel, and does this motivate you more to support St Catherine’s?

Within our office, for our fundraising efforts, we’ve really tried to focus on this point. The majority of our staff live within the area St Catherine’s cover, meaning for every 3 people in the office that may need the charity’s help, only 1 will be able to receive it. This realisation that St Catherine’s is only able to care for 33% of the local people that need their help has definitely spurred us on to help wherever and whenever we can!

To find out more about our exciting Heart to Heart trail, and how you can get involved, click here.

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