Meet our HeART Artists

The Artists of HeART to Heart

We are delighted to have a raft of inspiring and talented artists from across Sussex and Surrey supporting our HeART to Heart trail. Each heart is uniquely designed by a local artist, and they all bring their own personality, style and flair to the collection. Our artists include staff members at St Catherine’s, as well as those who support our hospice and the care we provide.

Find out more about them below and watch this space to see their beautifully designed hearts soon!

Johanna Paterson Heart to Heart

Johanna Paterson

Johanna is a Sussex based art teacher and illustrator. Her excitement for working on this art project is coupled with the opportunity for her and Dan to collaborate on new and innovative designs.

Lindsay Seahorse Wright

Lindsay is a Horsham based artist experienced in drawing, painting, sculpture, upcycling and working with fibreglass. Each of her artwork pieces include her own, individual twist and artistic flair.

Jackie Chipps

Jackie is a nurse at St Catherine’s Hospice. In order to balance the emotional impact of working in a hospice, Jackie uses art as a creative outlet and a hobby and escape. Her art uses encaustic art, a process that is often know as hot wax painting.

Cat Spear

Catherine is a Surrey based artist who has been doodling and painting since childhood. Art provides Catherine with a great escape and emotional outlet, as well as being a hobby in her spare time.

Alison Saunders

Alison loves using a combination of water, paint inks and various media to produce art that is both unique and magical. In her designs, she carefully considers her audience and will often add in layers of items that are personal to them.

Rebekah Jenkins

Rebekah is a Horsham based artist who draws inspiration from nature. Rebekah’s interest in nature translates into her art as she also enjoys using a media technique that will cause the art to decompose, like nature, over a period of time.

Susan Tindall

Susan’s main artistic influences include her love of animals, dogs in particular, and nature. She enjoys working in a variety of different mediums and particularly enjoys bespoke commission work, to create her client’s vision.

Irma Westerdijk

Irma Westerdijk is a part time sculptor based in Horsham. She incorporates a variety of textiles in her sculptures and through experimentation, Irma has developed her own unique style when creating her sculptures.

Sue Collins

Sue is a Hassocks based artist who specialises in print and design art. Using a combination of photography and sketching, her art is inspired by her surroundings, her personal experiences and her childhood growing up in South Devon and Cornwall.

Andre Westerdijk

Andre is based in Horsham and his art is best described as upcycling. Andre enjoys transforming pre-owned vintage and antique objects into bespoke lamps and homeware and giving items a new lease of life.

Laura Ford

Laura’s designs are inspired by her passions for photography, calligraphy and nature, alongside her enjoyment creating patterns from words and letters Working as a graphic designer at St Catherine’s Hospice means Laura sees firsthand the amazing work that the hospice does daily.


Joanna Wenczka

Joanna is a Horsham based artists and her own personal experiences of hospice care have shaped her creativity. Joanna’s design plays on the concept that during the hectic and busy times in life, you often forget the important need to look after and treat yourself, during both good and harder times.

Christs Hospital School Pupils

The students at Christ’s Hospital School have each submitted their own versions of what the concept of love means to them. Student’s designs take inspiration from nature, science and patterns amongst others. Each design highlights the undiscriminatory nature of love which shows no bounds or judgements. Love is obtainable by all, regardless of their gender, race or background – Love is without prejudice. Love is Universal.

Sculpture Studios

Sculpture Studios specialise in polystyrene carving, mould making, productions in glass fibre, set building, one-off sculptures, props and theming. With over 30 years experience in the business, they have produced items for TV, film, theatre, exhibitions, video, museums and all aspects of the advertising and promotional world

Cowfold Ladies

The Cowfold Ladies are a group of five creative women all living in Cowfold, near Horsham, West Sussex. To each of the ladies, art has a strong therapeutic value. In their design they have utilised each of the members’ skills to create a design that amalgamates each of their creative talents; from intricate beadwork to creative writing.

Rachel Cowell

Rachel’s fascination with art started at an early age and over the years, her art practice has evolved to use many different mediums.

She graduated from Middlesex University with a BA in Three Dimensional design and expresses herself through paintings, drawings and prints. For these, she takes inspiration from landscapes, the natural world, colour, and the human form.

BB Galilea

Maria uses art as a form of expression and is drawn to a bright and more vivid colour palette. Her designs for the HeART project are her first drawings since the passing of her husband two years ago. The majority of her designs are inspired by her husband and the love they shared.

BB’s geometric design mirrors a jigsaw and shows that like two soul mates each of the pieces slot into place perfectly.

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