“I thought I was coming here to die…in my darkest hour, St Catherine’s Hospice gave me hope.”

Before she came to St Catherine’s, Jodie struggled to deal with her illness, and suffered with depression and anxiety. One night her feelings were so overwhelming that she found herself gripped in the nightmare of a panic attack.

But she was never alone. Jodie picked up the phone to speak to one of our nurses. It didn’t matter that it was two in the morning; our nurse gave Jodie all the time she needed. She helped calm her down while listening to Jodie talk about her fears for her young family, and the anxiety she felt.

“The more we talked, the more I started to feel better. She helped me realise I didn’t have to face my fears alone.”

Help more people like Jodie struggling with fear and anxiety.

Having calmed her fears about what hospice care would be like, Jodie became a regular visitor to our Day Hospice. She enjoyed the benefits of our complementary therapies, including hand massage and acupressure. She says, it made her feel like her old self  again:

“It’s a place of community – a home from home, where I could meet people of all ages who were experiencing the same issues as me. We were all going through the same things, so we could support each other.”

Jodie’s illness doesn’t just affect her: it affects her family too, particularly her young children. Jodie’s son, Rhys, found it hard to come to terms with his Mum’s illness, and that he’d have to say goodbye in the near future. He’s now receiving counselling from St Catherine’s and Jodie has seen a huge difference in how Rhys copes with his feelings.

The fact that we can be there for Jodie and her family brings Jodie a huge amount of comfort. But we can’t be there for everyone, even when they need it most. You can change this.

You could be the difference between someone like Jodie picking up the phone and being able to talk to a nurse, or having to struggle alone. You could help a child like Rhys handle the news that they will lose their parent. And you could help to run our Day Hospice services, so more patients can enjoy a cup of tea and a chat with a new friend about how they’re coping with their illness.

Your generosity will mean families in your local community won’t have to face death and loss alone. That’s a truly wonderful gift.

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