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Leave a gift to St Catherine's

We’ll be there when people really need us

Everyone should make a will because it’s the only way to make sure that when you die, the people and good causes you care about benefit in the way you choose.

Including St Catherine’s in your will is a wonderful way to make sure your care for your loved ones and your local community can live on, leaving a lasting legacy in your memory.

Gifts in wills are so important to St Catherine’s – they fund

the care we provide for 1 in 4 of our patients and families.

Caroline – Nurse

As a local charity, we’re funded by our local community and exist to make life better for local terminally ill people and their families.

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of people like you, we’re able to provide all our services free of charge.

Personalised care

For some people, that’s coming to outpatient appointments to get advice on managing their illness. For others it’s attending virtual Living Well Centre sessions to benefit from therapeutic activities like guided relaxation, social quizzes or music therapy.

Other people with the most complex medical conditions come to stay in our wards where our nurses help manage their pain or control the symptoms of their illness. Or maybe help them to enjoy a relaxing bubbly bath in our special Jacuzzi bath.

“It gives me peace of mind to know that St Catherine’s will support my loved ones when they need it most. I know how much counselling has helped me so the thought of it helping my family and friends after I’m gone makes me feel a lot happier and more content.” Jane, Patient
“The care I’ve received has been exceptional. When my family visited, nurses took my bed into the garden so I could enjoy the surroundings. Hospice staff even threw me a surprise birthday party last week. I had a wonderful day. It was a birthday to remember.” Pam, Patient

Eight out of ten people are cared for at home

The majority of our care is provided in the comfort and familiarity of people’s own homes, where they can stay close to family, friends, pets and the things precious to them.

We also offer emotional, welfare and spiritual support to the people we care for and those closest to them. And as you’d expect, we continue to support people after bereavement.

You can make lives better in your community

Every gift, in every will, makes a difference to the care we provide.

Your generosity can make the end of life for someone in your community the best it can possibly be.

If you’d like to write or update your will, please contact us on:01293 447 361 or email: giftsinwills@stch.org.uk

We have more information and resources available on our Leave a gift in your will page.



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