It’s the little thoughts that make a big difference

It could be a bath, a favourite meal, or helping someone manage their pain. For us, hospice care is whatever our patients and those closest to them need it to be. Our specialist care supports the whole family and helps everyone make the most of the time that remains. We’re a charity and provide our care to people in your community, completely free of charge.

We can’t survive without you.

Lee’s Story

“My wife Lee was full of life.”

She was one of those positive people who just embraced life. Lee was a fantastic mother to our two sons, Jamie and Harry, a brilliant grandmother and had a successful career as a fitness instructor.

In March 2011, Lee was diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite trying different chemotherapy drugs, the cancer spread and in April 2016, we were given the devastating news that nothing more could be done. Up until then, the word hospice had been banned, but we had to accept it was time for help. Arriving at St. Catherine’s Hospice, Lee was scared, very quiet,in pain and barely conscious. I remember thinking; “She’s not going to like it here”, but when we were shown to her room, the patio doors opened out onto beautiful gardens and fresh air filled the room. Lee sat up, looked around and smiled.

We spent the following week sitting in the hospice’s garden together, reminiscing, reading, seeing family and listening for the clink of the drinks trolley that did the rounds every evening. Thanks to St Catherine’s, I could focus entirely on Lee. As our time together started coming to an end, they did everything to ensure that she was comfortable at all times.

I still miss Lee everyday, but things are made slightly easier knowing that because of St Catherine’s compassionate care, Lee passed away peacefully, pain-free and with dignity. My beautiful wife deserved nothing less.”

The expert hospice care we provide is made possible thanks to the generosity of local people like you, who donate and volunteer with us. Currently we are only able to provide free care for 1 in 3 people in Sussex and East Surrey who need us.

By donating today, you can help us support more families in your community, like Lee’s, and give local people facing death the care they deserve.

Help us be there when life comes full circle. Make a donation to St Catherine’s Hospice this Christmas.

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