lianne-sussex-landmarks-hikeLianne wanted to share a story about how your support makes a difference to people in your local community.

“ Your support means I can be there to help our patients achieve their final wishes, whatever they may be. And I wanted to tell you about a lady I helped cared for recently. I’ll call her Joan*. Joan came to the hospice from hospital. She was nearing the end of her life and she didn’t think she’d get home to the house and garden she loved again. Her house and her garden were her pride and joy and thinking that she’d never see them again was really hard for her.  

My colleagues and I worked with Joan to get her walking again.

We started off by getting her in and out of bed safely, before helping her to take a few hesitant steps. Over time, with our support, she increased these wobbly steps to walking the length of our ward corridor. One day, while we were walking together, she asked me if I thought she’d be able to get home to see her garden one last time before she passed away. I told her I thought so.

Thanks to your support, we were able to help Joan get strong enough to return home, to the house and garden she loved, one final time.

She was able to walk through her front door again, to walk around her house, and to take in all the memories she had made over the years there. It was something she never thought she’d have chance to do.

It’s only because of the money you raise that we can be there to help people like Joan fulfil their final wish.

Thank you for taking on the Sussex Landmarks Hike and for making sure that in the future, we can be there to help more people in your local community achieve the things that matter to them most. As you walk, I hope you’ll remember the impact each step you take will have on local terminally ill people, and if your legs get tired, I hope this will encourage you to keep going with your heart.”

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