A new future for our hospice

Every year, St Catherine’s Hospice cares for around 2,100 people in our local community who are living with a life-limiting illness. As well as caring for patients, we offer support to their families: wives and husbands, sons and daughters and other loved ones who are left behind. For 35 years, we’ve provided this care at our Malthouse Road site in Crawley, but we’re not able to reach everyone that needs us. A larger, modern 24 bed hospice, with more space to provide our community services, will allow us to reach more people that need us.

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You can help more people get the care they deserve

If we are to reach everyone who could benefit from our care now and in the future, we need more space. That’s why we’re building a brand new hospice that will not only increase the amount of beds we can offer to those facing the end of their life, but also expand our community, counselling and therapies teams, as well as our day services.

All of this will only be possible with the support of our local community. Help ensure that more of your neighbours can receive the care they need and deserve at the end of their life.

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Our patients are the experts when it comes to explaining how your support will help more people like them, as well as their loved ones.


"Had I not come to the hospice when I did, I wouldn’t be here today, sharing my story."


"Every day that I come here, I feel completely enveloped in love. It’s a place where you feel protected and looked after."

Johnny and Alex

"In the worst days, they brought light. It’s hard to put into words the quality of care and support we received during the hardest time of our lives."


"St Catherine’s literally gave me my life and my body back. You don’t lose anything coming here; you gain a lot."


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