Enjoying our first summer at Grace Holland Avenue

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The sun is shining, temperatures are rising, and it’s finally starting to feel like summer!

After moving into our new hospice on Grace Holland Avenue in Pease Pottage during the winter, last week we got a glimpse of what summer is like at our new home for the very first time. From enjoying the beauty that our outdoor spaces have to offer, to providing those we care for with cooling treats on the hotter days, it’s been truly wonderful. We thought we would share some of the highlights.

Glorious Gardens

Our hospice is situated within the High Weald area of outstanding natural beauty and we overlook the picturesque countryside. Within our hospice grounds, our talented Maintenance team and dedicated Volunteer Gardeners have been working hard for many months, planting various plants, flowers, and shrubs. This greenery is really starting to flourish now, and the gorgeous flowers are beginning to bloom, helping to add a splash of colour to our outdoor spaces.

Each of our patient rooms have their own private garden, and these are becoming well-established too with the plants growing taller and the flowers spreading. This makes them beautiful yet peaceful places for patients and visitors to connect with nature – whether they are enjoying quality time together or having a moment of quiet reflection.

Magnificent Music

We’re lucky to be supported by some incredibly talented Volunteer Musicians who entertain those staying on our wards with their exquisite playing. One of these expert volunteers is Becky Frith, who was recently playing her keyboard in the link corridor – the passageway between our two wards where visitors can relax. The warmer weather meant Becky could open the doors to the outside which helped her stunning sounds to travel further, and staff and those we care for could hear her right across the hospice. Having live music fill our corridors is truly special. Here’s a snippet of Becky playing:

Becky Frith, Volunteer Pianist, playing on our ward

Incredible Ice Creams

We were recently treated to an exciting visit from Donna and her ice cream van.

Donna has been a friend of St Catherine’s for many years and generously gives ice creams to patients and their visitors free of charge. Offering special treats like this is what makes our care unique and Donna’s ice creams are always very well received by those we look after.

Staff and volunteers also took a minute to cool off in the heat and enjoy a delicious ice cream of their own. We’re incredibly grateful to Donna for popping by.