St Catherine's Hospice community nurse at the front door

Hospice care in your home

Once you have been referred to us by your GP or healthcare professional, we’ll invite you to the hospice or meet you at home to talk about the kind of care that will help you most. This could be any or all of the following.

Symptom control

Our nurses, doctors and therapists work with you, and the people who are already treating you, to find support, treatments or medicines that can help you live fully. We will keep in touch in a way that suits you to make sure your symptoms are being managed properly, and offer advice to other doctors and nurses who are helping you.

 Helping with independence

Our therapies team will talk with you about what matters most; this could be anything from keeping your strength up so you can spend time with children or grandchildren, to help with making a cup of tea, or even talking through what death could look like at home.

We’ll then work with you to come up with ways to help you achieve you what you want from day to day and this could involve personalised exercise plans, new equipment or reviewing the activities you do each day.

We can also help your relatives and friends understand how your illness might affect you, and help them be there for you.

Emotional, spiritual and religious wellbeing

We know that mental and spiritual wellbeing is just as important as controlling physical symptoms, both for a person with a terminal illness and the people closest to them. Our Wellebing Team can offer counselling and advice, as well as spiritual and religious support for you and those close to you. All sessions are confidential and many say that they use what they have learnt from our team to help other family and friends.

Helping you with welfare and financial support

We will never charge you for the care we provide but, for some, other costs and lost income caused by a terminal illness can be worrying. Our Welfare Advisor can help you with applying for government funding that you might not even realise you are entitled to.

If you have any questions, at any point during your care, please just ask any member of the team.

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