Colin, a St Catherine's Hospice patient, and his wife - link to Colin's story

Colin Jones stayed on our Inpatient Unit. Whilst he was here, he wanted to share his experience for other patients. We hope his words will reassure you and give you an insight into the kind of care you can expect here.

“I’d like this to be a message to anyone who might need to stay at St Catherine’s Hospice.

Before I became ill, I’d travelled the world and worked with all kinds of people. In all that time, I’ve never met more compatible, caring, friendly people, and there are few places I’ve felt as serene and comfortable.

“I thought a hospice was a place to die, I was wrong”

I was first referred after I couldn’t catch my breath. When I heard the word “hospice”, I resigned myself to death – I thought that was all a hospice was, a place to die. I was wrong.

Very quickly the hospice started helping with my shortness of breath. I hadn’t eaten for five weeks before I came here, but they helped that too. There’s a great variety of food, the menus are fantastic and if you don’t fancy what’s on offer they’ll make you something else.

“My wife’s been made to feel welcome”

The most important thing is that my wife, Susan, has been made to feel so welcome. She can visit whenever she likes and when she wants to sleep here they make a bed for her. We eat together, have drinks from the free drinks trolley, and she gets all the support she needs.

“St Catherine’s makes such a difference”

I’m blown away that St Catherine’s has to find more than £6 million every year to provide their care. If I won the lottery I’d have no hesitation in giving a whole lot of it to the hospice, it makes such a difference to people’s lives. As it is, I’ll give everything I can, including my story so other people know that there’s no reason to dread this place, none at all.”

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