Primary Love

Artist: BB Galilea

Sponsor: Copthorne Businesses

Inspired by the love she shared with her late husband. Maria uses a colour palette of the three primary colours. She chose these colours for their vibrancy and the fact that they are the purest colours of all. The three colours also represent Maria, her husband and their daughter, and when each come together, they make the heart complete.

The geometric design mirrors a jigsaw and shows that like two soul mates each of the pieces slot into place perfectly. The Copthorne Businesses are integrated within the Community much like the pieces of a jigsaw, and Primary Love is the perfect heart to represent this. Their support of local projects and charities, such as St Catherine’s, is invaluable.

Maria uses art as a form of expression and her designs for the HeART project are her first drawings since the passing of her husband two years ago.

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