Squiggles and Wiggles

Artist: Christs Hospital School

Sponsor: Terry O’Leary

Pupils at Christ’s Hospital were given the chance to submit designs for HeART to Heart based on what love means to them. The designs spoke to the nature of love: love has no boundaries, no judgements, no prejudice; love is blind to gender, race and background; love is Universal.

The chosen design, Squiggles and Wiggles, was produced by Eliza, a Year 9 pupil at Christ’s Hospital. She is constantly doodling intricate designs in books, and felt it would be interesting to produce something on a larger scale. Although it took a long time to produce, she had a lot of fun and help from her friends.

Terry O’Leary has sponsored this heart in loving memory of his wife, Jenny, and in appreciation for the care provided by St Catherine’s.

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