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End of life care needs to be better for more local people

We’re born surrounded by love, our deaths should be the same.

End of life care affects everyone in our community and it’s vital that it’s right. Because there’s only one chance to help someone have the death they deserve.

At the moment we aren’t able to be there for enough people who are dying. And we can only help one in every three people who need our expert care and support.

Earlier this year we sent the biggest ever survey on end of life care in Sussex and Surrey to more than 250,000 householders. We asked people in our community, living across the areas where we provide care, to share their personal experiences of end of life with us.

We wanted to hear how end of life care had been for them and their loved ones so we can seek to improve their experiences through our strategy. And we were overwhelmed that so many people took the time to share their thoughts with us.

“Both my parents died in hospital. Everyone was so concerned to ‘save’ them, they didn’t stop to think about their dignity and quality of life. In the end they both died on their own in a place away from home. They’d both expressed a wish to die at home.”

More is needed

But we found reading through responses really difficult. Many of them showed with stark honesty what we already know – that we need to help more people. Because there’s only one chance to get death right for someone. And more local people deserve a better death than they’re getting.

Reading these responses motivates us to do even more. And we hope they also motivate you to continue to support St Catherine’s because there are always more people who need us.

With your support, we can provide even more care and make even more of a difference to terminally ill people and their family and friends than we already do. Thank you.


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