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Step Up FAQs

What is the Step-Up challenge?

Step-Up for St Catherine’s is a physical challenge you can take part in whenever or wherever suits you, whilst raising vital funds for your local hospice. Simply choose a distance to cover, or a height to climb, and ask your friends to sponsor you.

How can I Step-Up for St Catherine’s?

In any way you choose. Walk the distance from Crawley to Paris or climb the equivalent height of The Shard using your stairs. We’ve provided six ideas, or you can create something that’s special to you. Please ensure you adhere to current government guidelines on social distancing.

How do I sign up?

Simply head over to our JustGiving campaign and click ‘Start Fundraising’. Personalise your page with information about your challenge and perhaps a couple of photos. Don’t forget to share your page with your friends and family, you could even make the first donation to get the ball rolling.

How do I tell you about my challenge?

Please do share photos of your challenge on our Fundraisers Facebook page, you could even nominate your friends to join in too. We’ll also be notified of your new JustGiving page when you set it up and your fundraising will be added to our overall total. What’s more, all donations will be automatically sent to St Catherine’s.

When should I take on my challenge?

This is entirely up to you and will depend on how you choose to Step-Up for St Catherine’s. Most people will complete their challenge in June and July, but you could take on your challenge over the course of a day, a week or a month.

Do I have to raise a minimum amount of money?

Absolutely not. There is no registration fee for the Step-Up challenge and no minimum fundraising target. Most challengers are aiming to raise £100 but please feel free to set your own target. Making the first JustGiving donation is a great way to encourage other people to sponsor you.

Are there any restrictions or limitations?

Only your imagination and the current guidelines. We urge all our challengers to adhere to the current government rules on social distancing and physical exercise. Please bear these restrictions in mind when selecting your Step-Up challenge.


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