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Our Strategy 2019-2025

Our plans are only possible with your continued support

Looking forward

The way that people are dying is changing. Their medical needs during different stages of their illness, and the needs of those closest to them, are changing too. And this affects the way we provide care.

Working alongside supporters and donors like you, we’ll roll out our plans to close the gap between the number of people we’re currently caring for and everyone who needs us.  We’ll continue to lead and champion end of life care, to share our expertise, and to raise more money.

With your help we can provide even more for our community in the future.

Below is our 2019-2025 strategy that explains our vision and what we will do to improve end of life care.

Planning for your new hospice

Our ambition of providing more care and support for our community is underpinned by our dream of a bigger hospice. To make sure we can achieve all that we need to, we need to work together. It’s only with the support of donors like you that we’ll be able to realise our hospice’s full potential.

Doing so is vital. Because too many local people aren’t currently getting the  hospice care they need. Too many families are struggling. And too many people are dying without our expert help.

We’re currently planning so we can start building our new hospice in 2020. A hospice isn’t just a building, it’s a way of
caring, and we’re thrilled that in the future we’ll be able to care for more  people at St Catherine’s.

We received our first gift for our new hospice from the 7th Crawley Beavers!

The group were the very first supporters of our new hospice appeal when they donated £200 from a bake sale towards our new building.

Yvonne Seetayah, Leader of the 7th Crawley Beaver Colony, said, “St Catherine’s gives so much to people who are really, really desperate, so we wanted to give something back.  Supporting the new hospice was a lovely way for the Beavers to do this.”


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