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Continuing to Care

Our Community Care Team are still making home visits

Help our nurses continue to care for terminally ill people across your community

We face a monumental challenge to raise enough to continue to be there for everyone who needs us.
At a time when we’re needed more than ever, the pandemic has meant many of our fundraising events and usual activities can’t go ahead. We’re facing a severe shortfall in our funding; funding that we rely on to help us care for thousands of people every year.

Despite coronavirus, our nurses have still been helping people cope with illness, death and loss in the comfort of their own homes. They’ve continued to deliver the same high standard of care as always whilst dealing with their own concerns about their families, and worrying if they’ll take coronavirus home to them.

Will you donate today so our nurses can continue to help your community – your family, friends and neighbours, at home?


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“Coronavirus hasn’t changed the care and support we give, but it has changed some of the ways we work.”

Caring for people in their homes, our community nurses used to be able to travel two to a car between home visits, but they must now travel in two separate cars – to minimise risk to our patients and families, and to each other, so they are able to continue caring for local people in need.

This means they’ve been doing double the mileage since the arrival of the Coronavirus, which has doubled the cost of fuel for those daily care visits to patient’s homes.

With many people struggling with additional challenges as a result of the pandemic, these home visits are needed now more than ever.

Give a gift to support a home visit

A gift of £50

could cover a tank of petrol for the nurse who looks after your area, so they can make sure no one in your community is left struggling without the support they need.

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Karen, Nursing Assistant

We’re able to give men a shave and wash people’s hair with a special shampoo shower cap – people tell us it feels amazing afterwards. We’ll do anything that makes life a little bit easier for people.

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Giles, Chief Executive

You are as crucial as my colleagues providing care on the frontline, because we can’t provide our expert care and support to local people in their time of need without your help.

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Katie, Nursing Assistant

I support people who are dying at home, and their families. With the help of my colleagues, we provide physical, emotional or spiritual support –  I love my job, and I couldn’t do it without your support

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Your support is needed now more than ever. Help us continue to be there to provide care for local people 24/7

In these difficult and uncertain times, your donation will mean someone can speak to a caring member of our team for expert advice, or receive a home visit from someone who knows exactly what they need.

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