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Update to our services - November/December 2023

 Moving to our new Hospice in November/December 2023 – Supporting your care

We are excited to be moving to our new Hospice soon and will keep services running as smoothly as possible during that time. This includes minimising upheaval for those who might need the care we provide .

How might the move to a new hospice affect my care?

We will continue to provide support to those at home as usual. You will still be able to phone St Catherine’s Hospice on the same number and our community team will continue to support you and your family, together with your GP and community services.

It is possible that there may be a slight delay in being able to contact us on the day when telephone lines are transferred over and our teams move offices. We plan to do this over a weekend to minimise disruption. Please be patient; if you leave a message we will get back to you, but if you need urgent advice call 111 or 999.

What about outpatient or counselling appointments?

We will contact you if your appointment is moved from the current hospice at Malthouse Road to the new site at Grace Holland Avenue, Pease Pottage, West Susses, RH11 9SF.

Will I be able to come into the hospice if needed?

For a short period of time we need to limit the number of people staying on our wards as we prepare to move to our new hospice building. This means we will consider a range of options to support you and your family including:

  • Supporting you at home with our community team and other community services instead of admission to our ward
  • Discharge home from the ward with support from community teams
  • Support you in a suitable nursing home, transferring directly from home or from the ward if you are medically stable enough.

What happens if I am in hospital and want to come to the hospice?

We will have a limited number of beds for short period of time so it may not be possible to transfer you to the hospice. The hospital palliative care team is aware of this and will discuss with you whether you need longer in hospital, or could be cared for at home or in a nursing home. They will help with you with the arrangements for these options.

Will I have to pay for additional care at home or in a nursing home?

Many people supported by the hospice are eligible for funding for additional care if needed. We will apply for this funding to support your care as we do now.  This can take a week or two, so we will need to plan ahead if this is likely to meet your care needs.

What will happen if I am too ill to be discharged home or elsewhere?

If you are not well enough to return home or to a nursing home, you will remain on our wards and will be transferred to the new hospice building on an agreed date via ambulance, and accompanied by a nurse from St Catherine’s. Your medicines will go with you.

Please be assured that you will be included in any discussions about where you will continue to receive care. If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to one of our team.




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