Our Impact

We aspire to a world where everyone can face death informed, supported and pain free.

To do that we rely on the help of our local community. Here’s just some of what we accomplished together, and the impact we made, in 2015-16.

  • Last year we cared for 2,305 people living with a life limiting illness.
  • We helped 1,290 people at the very end of life
  • We raised more than £6m to keep the hospice running, whilst also being supported by NHS funds
  • 31% of people we cared for had a diagnosis other than cancer
  • Our clinical experts took 24,339 telephone calls about patients’ care
  • 1,931 people were cared for in the comfort of their own home
  • 315 people stayed on our Inpatient Unit, some more than once
  • We held four weddings and 12 birthday parties at the hospice for patients and their families
  • 38 children and young people received counselling and assessments by our team
  • 17% of the people we cared for were of working age.

What our patients and their friends, family and carers say:

“The service was outstanding and I felt that someone was always at the end of the phone if I needed them”.

“The staff are incredible and caring and have made us all feel loved. It is a place I would recommend to everyone I know. Thank you”.

“My care has been absolutely fantastic. Everything has been wonderful and I feel very lucky to have been under your care”.

“The kindness, compassion and understanding I have received from all the staff; I can think of no one thing which could have improved my experience”.

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