Palliative care community pharmacies in Surrey and West Sussex

In both Surrey and West Sussex, some community pharmacies are required to stock a range of commonly prescribed palliative care drugs. We have collected the following information about palliative care pharmacies:

  • The list of these pharmacies in each county
  • Their opening times (including Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays)
  • Their contact telephone numbers
  • Which commonly used palliative care drugs they stock
  • Other information on palliative care drug availability, particularly ‘out of hours

Opening hours of community palliative care pharmacies over the 2022 Jubilee period, and palliative care drugs stocked:

It is advisable that you telephone the relevant pharmacy in advance to check opening times and stock holding, especially if you are travelling a long way.

Further information (Surrey) is available:

 This is a Covid-19 amendment to the Locally Commissioned Service (LCS) April 2020 until further notice. 

All other community pharmacies in Surrey and West Sussex

Excluding weekends and Bank Holidays, all other community pharmacies in both counties are able to order in any drugs that are required, which they do not have in stock, for delivery the same day if the prescription is presented to the pharmacy before around noon that day.

For prescriptions presented after noon, drugs not in stock can usually be obtained for supply the following morning.

The cut-off times for same day and next day delivery may vary somewhat between pharmacies – do check with the relevant pharmacy.

For weekends and Bank Holidays, stock ordering and delivery arrangements, please telephone the pharmacy in question.

A list of locations their contact telephone numbers can be found via the NHS Choices website or by telephoning NHS Direct 0845 4647.

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