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The people you're helping

" The biggest impact St Catherine’s care has had has been on my family: it’s brought us closer together at a time that is so challenging. With the support, both medically and emotionally, I’ve been able to address my illness and think about the future. It’s honestly saved us. "

The people you're helping

" St Catherine’s enables you to plan for the future, and the people here are wonderful. I just thank everybody that donates and supports in any way they can because without St Catherine’s myself, and hundreds of other people like me, would be without support, without a way forward. "

The people you're helping

" St Catherine’s saved my life. I’ve learnt that it’s OK to have bad days, and to be angry at this horrible thing called cancer. With the help of the wonderful therapies team, I’ve back on my feet (literally) and am ready to live every day as it comes. "


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