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For families and carers

How we can help

Whether you’re caring for someone, or dealing with the loss of someone close, we’ll be there in a way that’s meaningful to you.

Wellbeing Calendar

From carer drop-in sessions to guided relaxation, we have a range of wellbeing sessions designed to support you.

We have both online and in-person wellbeing sessions delivered by our Wellbeing Team, specially trained volunteers, and trusted partners at the hospice or in your local area.

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Our guided relaxation sessions help people to focus their mind and senses on a place where they can feel safe, peaceful and calm. Dilip and Meena have attended
our classes.

Meena told us, “As a 24/7 carer, housewife and mother I never have 45 minutes to myself to sit down so I find the meditation extremely peaceful. Dilip loves it too. The services at the hospice have been fantastic, much better than I was

We want to hear from you!

Want us to offer other support and services? Have ideas on how we could support your needs? We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Contact our Wellbeing Services Team on: wellbeing@stch.org.uk