School Fundraising Projects


Schools and colleges are a vital part of our community. St Catherine’s Hospice schools fundraising projects offer students vital real-world skills to complement their education. They also provide exposure to hospice care which can be a huge support if students or family members need hospice support in future.

Schools fundraising for St Catherine’s also benefit from the chance to connect with a much loved local charity, which many students and teachers may already feel close to.

There are a huge range of ways that schools can support St Catherine’s. Fundraising projects include:


How St Catherine’s can help your school

As well as supporting schools’ fundraising projects, we have a huge amount of knowledge about medicine, end of life care, and charity work that we can use to help and inform your students. This includes:

  • Professional advice for teachers about bereavement issues
  • Support and advice from an experienced schools fundraiser
  • Assembly talks adapted to suit your student age range on a variety of subjects including the work of St Catherine’s, the hospice movement, current organisational developments and volunteering
  • Visits from our clinical staff discussing topics like end of life care and euthanasia
  • Speakers for your public fundraising events.

We want to hear from you!

For further details about how we can support each other, please contact one of our Community Fundraising team on 01293 447361 or at