Clinical Guidelines

Supporting a patient with a life limiting illness.

From helping people to make informed choices about their care to supporting best practice in care quality, our team of experts can help you support a patient with a life limiting illness.

Contact our Clinical Team on or 01293 447333 with any questions. Alternatively, download some of the useful standards and clinical guidelines below.



Anticipatory prescribing for community palliative care

This guidance is intended to support GPs and non specialists in prescribing injectable medication for symptom control in the last days of life as part of an individualised care plan. It includes an opioid conversion table and a sample community prescription chart for PRN medication as an example of best prescribing practice. This will assist with the completion of local prescription charts on a person by person basis.

Patients with suspected or confirmed Covid-19 may have significant symptoms and distress. Symptom control guidance for Covid-19 gives suggested medication for common symptoms based on national guidelines and local clinical experience, including options for non-injectable medication.

We recognise that some carers and professionals may not be familiar with how to administer medication via the subcutaneous route. The following guidance is a step by step guide to giving subcutaneous injection and setting up a subcutaneous infusion via syringe driver.