Carer Support

Local Care and Support

At St Catherine’s Hospice we understand that when someone you love is ill, it affects everyone. We are committed to providing people with high quality care and we know that although caring for someone you love can be very rewarding, it can also leave you in need of some support yourself.

As a carer you have a vital role in providing your loved one with the care they need, so we will work with you and alongside you to make sure you feel involved, supported and listened to when it comes to their care.

Our Clinical and Wellbeing Teams can provide you with practical support and advice, but there are also some local organisations that may be able to help:

Caring means something different for everyone – but one thing that’s true for every carer is that you cannot keep going without a break.

Whilst having a break is doubtlessly good for you, it also means that the person you’re looking after may be able to enjoy new experiences, have a change of scene and routine and mix with other people. – Carers UK

Accessing respite

If you are in need of a break from caring, respite care can enable you to take some time out while the person you care for is looked after by someone else. 

Respite services in the home are being provided by both Crossroads Care Surrey and TuVida West Sussex (formerly known as Crossroads Care South Central).

See also: NHS information on carer’s breaks and respite care and Carer’s UK’s section on looking after your own health, Taking a Break.

Support for carers in hospitals

Often the Wellbeing Team find that carers are not aware of the additional support they can access when the person they care for is visiting, or staying in, hospital. Here are two ways carers can receive support:

Hospital Carer Advisors

Action for Carers Surrey have Hospital Carer Advisors located in the main Surrey hospitals: East SurreyEpsom and St Heliersthe Royal Surrey, and Ashford and St Peter’s. 

Hospital Carer Advisors are there to help provide support to carers when the person they care for is at the hospital. Carer Advisors can:

  • Bridge communication gaps between the carer and the hospital, and offer advice, information and emotional support 
  • Speak on behalf of the carer, including in hospital meetings 
  • Signpost carers, and the person they care for, to support from other organisations 
  • Guide carers through the hospital system 
  • Help with the discharge process, which can be very challenging.  

The Wellbeing Team at St Catherine’s can make direct referrals to Hospital Care Advisors on behalf of carers we are supporting, if they are happy for us to do so.  

Carers Passport

A Carers Passport is a practical way for hospital staff in Surrey and Sussex to identify the main unpaid carer of a patient in hospital. It is a document that helps a carer to continue to support the person they care for, within the hospital setting. 

Carers passports should be available on every ward and give carers the right to:

  • Receive information about the patient’s care 
  • Assist with feeding, washing and dressing
  • Attend relevant meeting and be involved in the patient’s discharge.  

It also entitles the carer to additional benefits including:

  • Discounted multi-exit car parking 
  • Discounted food in the restaurant 
  • Refreshments on the ward. 


Please call 01293 447333 and ask to speak to our Triage Team if you have any questions about care, or you can contact our Wellbeing Team at