Give in memory

Remember someone special

HONOURING someone special is a very personal thing

Doing something to honour your loved one’s memory can often bring comfort. At St Catherine’s Hospice we understand that you’ll want to remember people in different ways, and can help with:


Thank you for considering funeral donations to St Catherine’s. We’re grateful for all the donations made to the hospice, and those in memory of someone who we have cared for are particularly special to us.

Many people feel that a funeral collection for St Catherine’s is a way of paying respect to the person who has passed away, whilst helping us care for people who need us in the future.

If you would like to organise funeral donations to the hospice in lieu of flowers, your Funeral Director will be able to talk you through the process. Most Funeral Directors have a stock of our special In Memory envelopes which you can give to guests.

If you would like In Memory envelopes or would like to talk about funeral collections with a member of our team, please call or email us using the contact details below.

Contact us:

We know that this could be a very difficult time for you and your loved ones, so we have a team on hand to support you every step of the way.

If you have any questions about how any of the ways you can give in memory, need help starting or updating your fund, or would like support with your fundraising, please get in touch with our In-Memory Team, and we’ll do our best to help.

Telephone: 01293 447322    Email:

We’re here for you from the moment someone close to you is referred to St Catherine’s Hospice until their last days of life and beyond. Our expert team of counsellors and support visitors can support you in the days, months or even years after your bereavement. If you would like support, please find out more about our emotional and bereavement support options.


We can only provide care for local people and their families because of wonderful supporters like you who raise money in so many amazing ways. We promise to do the right thing by you.

St Catherine’s Hospice is committed to fundraising in an honest and transparent way. We will be clear, honest and open.

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