How do I refer to St Catherine’s Hospice?

If one of your patients needs our expert help please fill in our general referral form and send it, with any other relevant information such as scan reports or blood results, to

If your referral is urgent (we need to contact the patient within 24 hours) please also call our Clinical Administration Team on 01293 447333 between 8.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday. They may then put you through to one of our clinicians who can give advice before we can assess the person you have referred. At other times, please call 01293 447333 and speak to our Triage Team.

I’ve made a referral – what happens next?

Community referrals

If your referral is urgent, we’ll review the details as soon as possible and contact the patient or their carer within 24 hours. We review non-urgent referrals within 24 hours and aim to contact your patient or their carer within two working days.

Inpatient Unit referrals

If your patient needs to be admitted to one of our wards, we’ll be in touch with them as soon as possible. If they need an urgent admission (within 48 hours), please call us on 01293 447333.

If we have any questions we’ll contact you as the referrer. 

Still have questions?

We also appreciate that sometimes advice is needed from one of our specialist team without the need to see a patient face to face. We are happy to give advice to other healthcare professionals over the telephone with or without a written referral.

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