Information about Wills

Having a will enables you to appoint someone to be in charge of organising your estate (an Executor) and to carry out your wishes about your money and belongings when you die. A will can also record any thoughts you may have about your funeral.

Although making a will can be important, if a person dies and their bank account is in joint names, and the property is owned as ‘joint tenants’, these assets pass directly to the other party without the need for a will or Probate. Probate is the legal right to deal with the estate of someone who has died.

A couple can have ‘mirror’ wills, which say the same things, but are in different names.

Writing Your Will

St Catherine’s Hospice Online Will Writing Service

You may want to consider St Catherine’s online will making service. Information can be found on the Bequeathed website.

You do not have to donate or leave anything in your will and it is completely free. Most of the bigger charities have something similar to Bequeathed but they are only able to offer this service online and it won’t be possible to offer a face to face visit.

Find out more about leaving a gift in your will.

DIY Will Pack

You can create a non-complex will using a pack from a stationers or online.

If you are using a local will-writing service check they belong to the Society of Will Writers or The Institute of Professional Will Writers.

Changing Your Will

If you would like to make a will or change an existing will (called a codicil) you may want to speak to a solicitor.

Most have set charges for writing a simple will and most are happy to visit at home, or you can attend at their offices. A single rate fee of approximately £400 for a non-complex will is usual. Charges vary from firm to firm and there will be an additional charge if you wanted a home visit. The complexity of the will doesn’t affect the cost with most charging a flat rate. Hourly rates for solicitors vary between £250 – £300 p/hour.

You can use the Law Society website to find a registered solicitor in your area. Most provide a free short consultation to assess what you need before they start charging so check this out with them.

Here is a list of local firms that are known to us and it would be worth mentioning you are a patient under our care as they might consider waiving the home visit fee.

St Catherine’s is not able to recommend a particular firm with no knowledge of exact costs or arrangements.

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