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Horsham Chamber Choir’s “Earth Seen From Above” Concert

Clock icon23 March 2024Clock icon20:00Pound symbol15
Map pin icon3 Springfield Road, Horsham

Horsham Chamber Choir are hosting a concert, named "Earth Seen From Above", to raise vital funds for St Catherine's.

The choir say: "In this concert we take off from our planet and look back as Earth transforms from meadows and forests into hills and mountains, to a quilted blanket of browns and greens, to a blue marble.  In the second half of the concert, we turn and voyage into outer space: planets, stars and constellations.  Featured composers will be Frank Ticheli, Laura Mvula, Meredith Monk and Ralph Vaughan-Williams."

Tickets cost £15 for adults and £8 for children. You can buy your tickets now on Horsham Chamber Choir's website.

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