Candles lit in memory of a loved one

Spiritual Care

Many people find that living with a terminal illness brings up questions around a sense of meaning, purpose or value.

Our Spiritual Care Team is experienced in helping people who are facing death or bereavement to reflect, and can help you explore any questions you might have about life. We can help if you are of any faith or none, and through listening and talking we can help you and your loved ones achieve a sense of peace and understanding.

Our Spiritual support is also open to carers – when people close to you become ill, this can raise questions and fears of a spiritual nature; perhaps challenging your sense of meaning, purpose and value, or your priorities and beliefs. Our Spiritual Care Team is available to anyone who might appreciate the company of someone who can listen and will help you explore any difficult questions that you may have.

If you would like more information on our spiritual support, please call 01293 447343 and ask to speak to our Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy Lead.

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