Donald’s Story

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“St Catherine’s is a really special place”

“I’m Donald McCloud Manson. It makes Marian, my wife, laugh when I give my full name like that. I’ve beaten cancer three times but it’s come back in my throat now.

The doctors have told me that this one won’t respond to treatment so St Catherine’s Hospice are helping me.

“The hospice visits me at home”

Nigel and Tiz from St Catherine’s come to visit me at different times. Nigel is one of St Catherine’s nurses; he sorts out my medication and makes sure I’m not in too much pain or feeling sick, which is good because I’ve got lots to do. Tiz is part of the St Catherine’s Therapies team and started coming to the house when I said I need help walking.

“A surprise for my wife”

Tiz arranged a walker and with that I was able to go into town and get a great big bouquet of flowers for Marian for our anniversary. She didn’t expect it at all, you should have seen her smile.

St Catherine’s is a really special place. It’s done wonderful things for us.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]