Ela’s Story

Ela Visan is a Staff Nurse, and Nurse in Charge on our wards. Here she shares some of the thoughts and emotions that she and her colleagues have experienced in the last few months, while caring for end of life patients through the pandemic.

“COVID hasn’t changed our hearts, our compassion or our devotion to this profession

As a professional, I was impressed about St Catherine’s Hospice response to the pandemic and the infection control measurements that were quickly put in place. We’ve continued to be able to support staff, patients and their relatives throughout, even if it’s been hard. It was very challenging seeing everyone worrying about their health and wellbeing, but also about their job when COVID-19 first hit.

On the wards, we’ve had incredible support from everyone

I’m so grateful to be part of the team. We’re still putting all our efforts and all our time into supporting patients and their relatives in the best way we can. COVID has changed our practice and the way we’re dealing with different situations, but it’s not changed our caring hearts, our compassion, and our devotion to this profession.

What I personally find very difficult is having to wear a mask every time we’re caring for a patient because wearing a mask hides our smile. And sometimes what we all need is just a smile to comfort us and to reassure us that everything’s going to be okay. And I’m sure it will.

For me, the hospice is like a second home and family

It’s a place that gave me hope and made me see the whole world with different eyes. And every patient I’ve cared for has given me a life lesson

I also have a message for all our supporters, volunteers, and fundraisers – Thank you

It doesn’t seem to be enough for everything you’re doing for our patients. And every time I receive a thank you from someone, it’s a thank you for you too.

For me, you are the real heroes because without you, we wouldn’t be able to deliver care for those people who need us the most. No one is born alone and no one should die alone.”

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