Marcel’s Story

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“I can’t praise St Catherine’s enough”

Marcel started volunteering at St Catherine’s Hospice in 2009, playing the piano for visitors and patients. Earlier this year, 2016, Marcel was admitted to St Catherine’s Inpatient Unit. During his time on our ward, he spoke about his connection to the hospice:

“I started playing the piano at St Catherine’s by chance, but I stayed because I could see how incredible this place is. I remember one time when I was playing the piano a woman came up to me. She told me her 28 year old daughter was outside scared to come in. Her daughter had a couple of weeks left to live but she’d never been in a hospice before. The woman said to me: “if you play Gerschwin she’ll be able to come in. Can you play Gerschwin?” I’ve never been so glad to play Gerschwin in all my life.

“This place has helped me get everything in order”

This year my cancer finally caught up with me and I’ve come here as a patient. After four years I know pretty much everybody and I love them for what they do. You worry about what’s going to happen but this place has helped me get everything in order and do right by my family.

“I’ve played the piano a few more times”

With St Catherine’s help I’ve had the time and energy to write down my last wishes and make sure my house will go to my son. I’ve had blessings from the priest and I was even able to play the piano a few more times. I can’t praise St Catherine’s enough.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]