It gives us such a lift to know you’re behind us cheering us on

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Cherry Demol is a Nursing Assistant working on our wards. Here she explains how your support helps lift her and her colleagues.

“The wonderful team members I work with at St Catherine’s motivate me to keep getting up and coming to work during this pandemic. We all support each other and lift each other’s spirits when needed.

Caring for people in a different way has been challenging

I find it incredibly difficult not being able to give a patient, relative or colleague a hug when they need one Wearing a mask is also difficult as facial expressions are lost, and patients can’t see your smile. Also, some of our patients are deaf or confused and talking to them when wearing a mask is challenging but we always do our best.

The impact of COVID means things have felt challenging at times and I’ve found the pandemic emotionally draining as you’re worrying about yourself, your family and colleagues

It’s hard to remain positive at times, but having the vaccine has helped, and talking it through with the people I work with has also been valuable.

As well as the hard moments, COVID has taught me to live life in the present and to really appreciate all the little things – A really nice glass of wine, a long bath and new pyjamas to name a few

Being there to care for people remains really satisfying too

My colleague, Lisa and I gave care to a newly admitted patient recently who was extremely frightened. Lisa and I have the same sense of humour, and in a very short space of time we helped the patient to relax. We made them smile and soon all their tension had lifted. It made our day to help them like that.

I also want to thank all of you amazing people who support us. We couldn’t be there to help people like the patient above without you, and it gives us such a lift to know you’re behind us cheering us on.”