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When it comes to talking about grief and how to cope with loss and death, we feel our community are the best people to offer advice. We recently asked on our Facebook page if anyone had any advice for those who might be struggling, and we were overwhelmed with the response. Almost 100 people took the time to comment with their words of wisdom, to try and help those finding their loss and grief too much:

“Every day is different and everyone is different. Even years after that someone passing it can suddenly bring something up – a song, a phrase. Its ok to cry.” – Tracy

“Try not to let the grief consume you. Your loved one would not want you to be so up set, remember the good times, the love you shared, the memories you made. They live on in your heart. These are thing things that keep me going in my darkest hours.” – Becky

“Be kind to kind to others too, none of us know what another is really feeling.”  –Angie

“It’s your journey and it’s painful, take each day/hour/minute as it comes.” – Jolene

“When feeling sad, think about a happy memory of your lost loved one, thinking about how they might have found something really funny and have a chuckle. It helped me when my mum passed away.” – Maz

“Be gentle with yourself, & with others. Despite all the pain & heartache, this is a beautiful world. Give yourself whatever time you need.” – Suzanne

“It won’t get easier, you will however learn to love around the empty space.” – Mel

From us all at St Catherine’s Hospice, thank you to every single person who commented with their advice, wisdom and experience. We are so grateful to our online community.

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