Why I run for St Catherine’s Hospice

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You’ll probably recognise Jo Stow in her running kit as one of the founding members of Team StCH. Over the last few years she’s run 7 marathons and has helped to raise almost £25,000 for St Catherine’s! Below she explains why she loves being part of our team:

“Something I often get asked is why do I run? I run for the freedom, to escape, to think, to not think, to release endorphins, for the feel good factor, when I’m happy, when I’m sad – I generally find that going for a run solves anything and everything! Today I also got asked ‘why St Catherine’s?’ This one is easy; there was never any doubt that this was the charity I wanted to run for!

I chose to support St Catherine’s in memory of my younger brother, Andy. He was in his first term at university when he was diagnosed with cancer. Andy had excellent care from some of the top doctors in London, but when it became obvious that there was nothing more that they could do to help him, it was the staff at St Catherine’s who supported Andy over his last few weeks and allowed him to achieve his wish of being able to stay at home with his friends and family around him, keeping him both safe and comfortable.

I started running as a way to get my own space, and to escape. It gave me time to think, to process what was going on, and sometimes time to not have to think, just to listen to my music, or to the birds singing. It was so easy to get started and I didn’t need any fancy gear.  I’ve done other events; cycling, walking, but running is my favourite!

St Catherine’s is a very special place to me. Running for and raising money for Team StCH allows me to do something amazing in memory of my brother, and help other people in his situation. When it’s cold, dark or wet outside, the motivation of knowing I’m running for Team StCH and fundraising for St Catherine’s helps me to lace up my trainers and get out there!


The team at St Catherine’s are so supportive and happy to help – they’re always at the end of the phone, or an email, to help answer questions and provide fundraising hints and tips.

My top fundraising tip for anyone who hasn’t run an event for charity before is to blog about your marathon training, it’s great to look back on, and a great way to show friends and family how hard you’re training, and what you’re giving up to achieve your goal. I’ve always found that rain drenched and muddy selfies get the most likes, and help with the donations!

If you’re thinking about running a half marathon or 10k for St Catherine’s, then JUST DO IT! The sense of achievement when you cross the finish line and receive your medal is out of this world, and will create memories that will last forever. Yes, the training is hard, but it is totally worth it, and the team at St Catherine’s will be there to help you, and cheer you on race day!”

Feeling inspired? Don’t delay and contact the Events Team to find out which running events we have coming up! Either email events@stch.org.uk or call 01293 447355.