Infrastructure updates – car parking and windows

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The past two weeks have seen some exciting new updates at the site of our new home! 

Our new hospice enjoys additional parking when compared to our current Malthouse Road site. With 30% more spaces available, we hope this will ease congestion and current space limitations.

With all this extra area being used for parking, it’s important to look after the ground we’re parking on. As such, all of our parking spaces will use permeable block paving. This not only looks good, but it means the rain water soaks away, rather than running off to drainage and causing erosion and potential flooding further along the water system. Another great feature of our new home!

Permeable paving blocks for our new car park
Another key element of the building that’s been completed recently is the large glass windows that fill each of the gable ends fronting the village green which have now been placed into position.

The larger windows weigh over a quarter of a tonne and specialist handling equipment and cranes are used to install each piece. Having these windows in place marks the last major stage of closing the building envelope – only the linking corridor between the wards now remains incomplete (to allow them to landscape the courtyard gardens). Once the trims for these windows are complete, then the scaffold is removed and we will see the complete frame of the building as it will be when complete.

The focus of the work now shifts to fitting out the internal spaces and landscaping the grounds – with under six months now remaining until the building is finished and handed over.

Large glass windows now installed onsite
Large glass windows now installed onsite