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As well as supporting people facing the end of life at the hospice and in their homes our teams also provide support to people facing the end of their life in hospital. When John’s wife, Muriel who had Alzhemier’s, was taken to a specialist ward at Horsham Hospital, our team helped them. Here, John tells us more.

“When Muriel was taken to the Iris ward, a ward at Horsham Hospital, it became clear my wife was near the end of her life

Tanya, a community health professional, who was always very kind to Muriel and I, and who had visited us at home, made a phone call to St Catherine’s, our local hospice, to ask if she could be transferred there.

Later that afternoon a hospice doctor visited Muriel in hospital

Muriel was either asleep or unconscious, but the doctor was so gentle with her, and talked to her all the time to explain what she was doing.

After her examination, the doctor said she was going to have some pain drugs sent to the hospital. She explained that when the drugs arrived two hospice nurses would be there to put in a drip, that would slowly administer pain relief

The nurses were also kind and gentle with her. The St Catherine’s doctor told the hospital that my wife mustn’t be moved.

The care Muriel was given was outstanding and the staff were exceptional in every way

Thanks to the hospice, my wife wasn’t unnecessarily moved as she approached the end of her life, and she passed away peacefully.”

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