I can’t run anymore; could you run for me?

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Were you or was someone you know lucky enough to get a coveted place in next year’s London Marathon? Then we ask you to take a few minutes to read this powerful piece, written by Mark Lay, one of our patients, and to share it with anyone you know who is looking for a charity to run for.

“The worst part of my cancer diagnosis is not being able to run, but if I can inspire you or someone you know to support St Catherine’s Hospice then that’s the next best thing. I might not be able to run anymore but it’d be a real privilege if you’d run for me.

I’ve always been a runner. I ran the London Marathon for St Catherine’s in 2011 and 2013 and the Brighton Marathon for them in 2012. I never thought then that I’d be in need of their care myself just a few years later. In fact, I probably ran at least one marathon with cancer without knowing. That’s part of the reason I first noticed something was wrong. I was struggling with my running despite lots of training.

‘Hospice support is so strong’

The support from the hospice when I ran my marathons was really strong. As soon as you join Team STCH, there’s a real team atmosphere. They help you with training and fundraising, invite you to pasta parties and even put on a coach to take you to the start line. If you choose to run for us, I and a team of people will be there to support you from start to finish and to remind you what a difference your support will make.

The London Marathon’s an incredible event in itself; the change of scenery as you run along the route, the live bands and music, and people shouting your name as you run all lifts you, but by taking on the challenge for St Catherine’s, you’re doing so much more than running a marathon. You’re enabling people like me across Sussex and Surrey to receive the expert care we need.

‘Why run for me?’

By supporting the hospice you can double your achievement and complete the marathon not just for yourself but for the hospice and its patients – patients like me. You can do it for all of us who can no longer run, knowing that we’ll be willing you on every step of the way. We’re the people you’ll think about as you pound the pavements and we’ll help get you around when the going gets tough.”

If you or someone you know has a marathon place please get in touch. Talk to Hannah Cooke in our Events Team on 01293 447355 or email: events@stch.org.uk