Hospice shares knowledge with paramedics

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Paramedics from South East Coast Ambulance Service attended a free, educational workshop to help improve emergency care for patients facing end of life at home as part of Dying Matters Awareness Week.

The workshop was run by Cathy Gleeson, Consultant in Palliative Medicine at St Catherine’s Hospice and Linda Henson and Jackie Chipps, Advanced Nurse Practitioners at St Catherine’s, alongside Shirmilla Austin, the End of Life Care Lead for South East Coast Ambulance Service, who initiated the session.

Paramedics are often the people who need to make key decisions on the ground to support effective patient care and the aim of the workshop was to contribute to the knowledge and skills of  paramedics called out to patients facing end of life at home. The session helped support local colleagues to enhance patient care and provided St Catherine’s with a valuable opportunity to  share their expertise and promote collaborative working to ensure that all local patients receive the best end of life care possible.

Working with organisations like South East Coast Ambulance Service and focusing on a collaborative approach is important to make sure patients are supported at end of life, have the right care for their stage of disease and die in the best place for them.

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