Realising the Design with Ian Vince

New Hospice News

Back in 2018 we went through the process to select our Principal Contractor, and part of the initial team we met from Barnes Construction was their Senior Design Manager, Ian Vince.  Since then Ian has overseen the development of our design, liaising with the architects and the build team, to ensure the vision comes to life.

Paul Rycroft, our New Build Delivery and Collaboration Director, met up with Ian on his latest visit and reflected on how things had progressed.

Thanks to having to undertake redesigns due to the pandemic, and the earlier change in materials following from Grenfell, this has been one of the longest running projects that Ian has been involved in.  His wife previously worked in a hospice and, like so many of the Barnes team, Ian really understands what a significant contribution a hospice can make.  Paul asked Ian what stands out for him; he replied:

I’ve always been struck by just how calm the building is.  Even as a building site, when you walk down the ward you can sense the tranquillity of the environment.  I’m proud of how this will enhance the patient care, and look forward to how the patients will be able to enjoy the view across to the beautiful adjoining landscape.

It’s great to know that even in the midst of all the build work, programmes, and finances that the key element of the vision has not been lost.